7 Crazy Things to do in Switzerland

By Oriana ∘ Posted 22nd April, 2024 ∘

I’ve lived in Switzerland for over four years now and it’s been fun observing some of the specific times and places where the normally reserved Swiss let out their inner crazy. I’ve listed 7 crazy things to do in Switzerland below (In no particular order)

1. Bungee jump out of a mountain gondola (or jump out of a helicopter. Or off a dam wall.)


It doesn’t get much more Swiss or much more unique than bungee jumping out of a mountain gondola. And yes, by mountain gondola I mean those tiny boxes suspended in the air by a steel wire, designed to bring you up the side of a mountain. If you have ever really wanted to see what it would be like are crazy enough to leap out of one, you can do it at Stockhorn.

The most popular places to skydive out of a helicopter are Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen Grindlewald and Zermatt. If you prefer a little more stability with your adrenalin rush, you can jump off the very same dam wall that James Bond did in Verzasca.

2. Scale a cliff face on a path barely the width of your foot on a Via Ferrata


Via Ferrata is Italian for ‘Iron path’ and it provides a way for people who aren’t experts to rock climb in alpine environments, with relative safety. Via Ferrata routes have steel fixtures, such as ladders, cables, railings and steps which you can carabiner yourself onto securely, as you would on a high ropes course. Except that, unlike a high ropes course you might be perched hundreds of meters above sea level on a tiny steel step, with another tiny bit of steel connecting you to a sheer rock face.

There are Via Ferratas all over Switzerland, of varying difficulty levels- and they’re completely free to access. Swiss Tourism has compiled a list of Via Ferratas with a handy interactive map here.

Keep in mind you do need to either bring your own equipment or hire your own. If it’s your first time it’s also advisable to go either with an experienced friend or a tour guide.

3. Take a cheese bath

crazy-things-to-do-in-switzerland-Whey Bath-Gerschnialp
Whey bath at Gerschnialp- the hiking path there, the view from the bath and the whey bath

No, I’m not talking about fondue cheese, or the Swiss Cheese with holes. I’m talking about bathing in whey, which is the milky, liquid by product of cheese production.

Although a rather niche experience, there’s something glorious about sitting in a copper bath of steaming whey in the middle of the Swiss Alps. It’s meant to do wonders for your skin as well. You can experience it for yourself at Gerschnialp, Seealpsee or Berglialp.

SUPPORT LOCAL 👉 These are all family run dairy farms, which means you’ll be supporting local small businesses too!

4. Channel your inner Wim Hof and go for a dip in an alpine lake

Caumasee Switzerland
Caumasee- on this day half of the lake was frozen, the other half wasn’t

There’s perhaps nothing more counter intuitive than forcing yourself to step into an alpine lake. It might help if the view is spectacular though, and in Switzerland it usually is. And if that doesn’t help, remember this quote from Wim Hof: ‘I’m not afraid to die. But I’m afraid not to live.’

I recommend polar dipping in the Caumasee, the Bachalpsee or the Oeschinensee. Remember to be well prepared with a change of clothes and don’t stay in the water longer than is safe.

5. Ride a cow

This cow hiked with us part of the way to Seealpsee…these ones were not for riding though!

No, Swiss people don’t ride cows. It’s definitely not normal but it is an adventure, albeit perhaps not one filled with adrenalin. As far as I’m aware, there’s only one farm in Switzerland that offers ‘Cow Trekking’- the Bolderhof, not far from Schaffhausen.

At the Bolderhof you can go on a half a day cow ride through woods, fields, and the Rhine river. Keep in mind bovine speeds range from slow to very slow.

If cows aren’t your thing (they should be, you’re in Switzerland!) you can also try trekking with goats, llamas or even St. Bernards. You’ll be on your own two feet for those hikes though.

6. Speed down the longest sled run in the world

Sledding the Big Pintenfritz top of the faulhorn
The view from the top of the Faulhorn

Sledding, sledging, tobogganing…whatever you want to call it, in Switzerland it isn’t just entertainment for kids. The Big Pintenfritz sled run in Grindlewald is the longest in the world. It’s 15km long, roughly equal to one hour of downhill sledding. There are no barriers or safety nets either- it’s up to you not to steer too close to steep drop offs or go off road down the mountain side.

To get there, you have to catch a gondola and then hike 2.5 hours from Grindlewald First to the top of the Faulhorn- a 400m ascent in elevation…dragging a sled behind you. You will be rewarded though, with unparalleled views of the mountains, undisturbed snow and beautiful silence.

Make sure you go in the morning when the snow is fresh! Remember it’s winter, so don’t go too late or you might get stuck in the dark (we did) or worse miss the last bus down the mountain (check the timetable here).

7. Celebrate Fasnacht

Fasnacht Chienbaese Liestal
Last year at the Chienbäse Fasnacht celebration in Liestal…the heat is intense

Fasnacht is a huge festival celebrated around Easter each year, where hundreds of Swiss don ugly, slightly terrifying masks, play off tune music and parade down the streets in big floats. Tons of confetti (no joke), sweets, flowers, oranges and even potatoes and onions are thrown at the colorful crowd. It’s a sight to behold, especially in the big cities of Basel, Luzern and Zurich, although many villages hold their own Fasnacht celebrations as well.

One of my favourite Fasnacht celebrations is the Chienbäse in Liestal. It’s unique in Switzerland because the theme of the parade is fire. Huge floats of burning wood, with flames reaching meters high into the air, are dragged through the narrow old street packed to the brim with onlookers.

It’s absolutely crazy- the firefighters are on hand to hose of the gateway to the old town (which is made of wood!), and to put out any stray fires as well. If you’re in the front row, wear something to help shield you from the intense heat. And if you’re brave, bring a bratwurst.

SUPPORT LOCAL 👉 You’ll notice people wearing metal badges at Fasnacht. These are sold everywhere in the lead up to the festival and the proceeds go towards funding the Fasnacht for another year. Also, if you don’t have one, you’re an open target for confetti attacks.

Reach out and let me know if you’ve tried any of these 7 Crazy Adventurous things you HAVE to try in Switzerland, or if there’s anything else that needs to be added to the list.

In a nutshell, the 7 crazy things to do in Switzerland are:

  1. Bungee jump out of a mountain gondola (or jump out of a helicopter. Or off a dam wall.)
  2. Scale a cliff face on a path barely the width of your foot on a Via Ferrata
  3. Take a cheese bath
  4. Channel your inner Wim Hof and go for a dip in an alpine lake
  5. Ride a cow
  6. Speed down the longest sled run in the world
  7. Celebrate Fasnacht


Oriana was born in Zürich and is currently working as an English Teacher in Basel, in northern Switzerland.

This travel blog is is her newest project with her twin sister. Their mission is to give everyone the confidence to travel Switzerland with ease.